The Team Approach of Ebert Construction

September 25, 2017
Despite their simple name, Ebert Construction does a whole lot more than simply build things. In fact, because they believe that taking a team approach to their work brings about the best outcomes, they are keen on helping every client with every aspect of the process of moving a company’s operation to a new and better location. And though they are known best as a general contractor, they are capable of helping with the acquisition, development, construction and the full renovation of a company’s properties and facilities.

They don’t just do a great job building out the property for their client’s use, they can also assist with estimation and budgeting the project, and they can help with every aspect of the acquisition of the property and the engineering of the space. They have so many highly skilled professionals on their team, they are capable of assisting with the development of the most effective long-range strategies for any company’s real estate activities, while also identifying potentially significant real estate opportunities. Put simply, Ebert Construction doesn't just build stuff, they can help your business meet its commercial and financial objectives better than most. Why hire five firms, when Ebert does everything?

An expert portfolio from Ebert Construction

June 25, 2017
Although the company began with just a pole barn, Ebert Construction has expanded its abilities immensely in 50 years. This family-owned and operated business out of Corcoran, Minnesota has accomplished a wide range of projects since beginning in 1968. Its portfolio is busting at the seams with finished commercial buildings -- from retail and restaurants to banks, churches, community projects and more. A full photo gallery is available on the website to see what Ebert Construction can do, including parks and recreation, schools and churches. A number of private projects have been completed as well, such as warehouses, office buildings and more barns even after five decades of work.

How Ebert Construction Helps From Start to Finish

December 15, 2016
For the most part, Ebert Construction is known as a commercial general contractor in Minnesota, but they are also a construction management and real estate services company, as well. Ebert Construction can provide tenant representation services that can help any business acquire the best possible facilities for their needs, whether it's for lease or purchase. They also assist clients with calculating space requirements and evaluating potential alternatives, as well.

The professionals at Ebert Construction can also negotiate lease and acquisition terms, prepare any relevant documents, and they can even work out the details and even carry out the move from your old facilities to the new ones they helped you acquire. They can assist with and even guide virtually any aspect of the commercial construction process. For example, their general brokerage services help to market the properties they develop for sale and lease and they can also analyze market opportunities to get their clients the best deal. A family-owned business in operation since 1968, it is absolutely true that hundreds of commercial buildings in Minnesota have been constructed, remodeled, restored, and converted by Ebert Construction. However, they do a lot more than build. They are the very definition of a “one-stop shop.”